Stop sitting your work day and health away.


The original, affordable, convenient and sustainable standing workstation.


mojostand sets up in seconds to support you throughout your day and folds just as quickly to easily store when not in use.

If you would like to order more than one mojostand please contact us

mojostand. workstation

 Special offer for   Victorian Residents 


$45 delivered

(normally $59)


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Orders must be placed before 11:59pm Sunday 16th August 2020

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Our patented adjustable design supports recognised ergonomics for a wide range of heights (standing elbow height 90cm-120cm)

See images for mojostand dimensions.

Each platform can hold up to 12kg (recommend 15kg max in total)

100% Recyclable Cardboard


- Please contact us if you have any issues with delivery or your mojostand.